C700 rende più efficienti i processi di smaltimento: riduzione dei volumi di fango e maggiore produzione di biogas in un processo esotermico circolare.
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Improve the economics of your waste water treatment plant

C700 improves the energy efficiency of the existing plant by lowering sludge volume and increasing biogas production.


HTC technology reduces up to four times the volume of sludge, dramatically reducing the costs related to transport and disposal and increasing the economics of sewage sludge plant.



C700 technology transforms waste into a liquid that increases by 50 wt.% the biogas production in existing wet anaerobic digesters. The process allows the recovery of nutrients within the sludge (nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium).


C700 can be easily implemented in the existing waste water treatment plant for its modularity and compactness. C700 can also be integrated in the treatment process without compromising its functionalities.

How C700 works

C700 technology is based on an innovative process, called hydrothermal conversion (HTC), which can be applied to a different kind of substrates (sewage sludge, digestate, organic fraction of municipal solid waste, cow manure).

C700 process is a thermal treatment transforming waste at about 200°C and 20 bar in less than 60 minutes, into:
1) a liquid usable for biogas production
2) a sterilized solid that can be used as a soil improver or as a biofuel in existing plant.

Exothermic process


HTC process is exothermic: once the reaction temperature is reached, the reaction is self-sustained by the energy released by the reactions that occurs during the process.

Who is c700 for?

C700 process is addressed to the Utilities and waste water treatment management companies and to the other operators in the value chain.
Furthermore, the engineering and consultant firms can easily add Carborem technology to construct innovative waste water treatment plant.


May C700 cause some problems to the existing plant?

No, because C700 is designed in collaboration with the waste water treatment management company to find the best possible solution. C700 is designed to be scalable, containerized and implemented into existing waste water treatment plants.

How much energy does C700 use?

C700 process is self-sustained by the exothermicity of the process and by the energy recovered from the surplus of biogas generated. Thus, the plant energy consumption is minimized.

Does C700 require additional staff for its operational management?

No. The plant is fully automatized and remotely controlled.

C700 is based on a new technology: may be some safety issues?

Although C700 is a new technology, it uses reliable components, accurately selected among the best available manufacturers on the market.

Is C700 difficult to manage?

No, because Carborem provides training course and technical support for new customers.

May C700 generate bad odours?

No. The system is completely closed and the odours are fully controlled.

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